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As anglers, aren’t we always looking for another tip that may help us catch more fish?  You just never know when the next little tip might help you, so I’m going to provide you with some of the fish catching tips I’ve learned over the years in the hopes that one or two of them might help you catch more fish. Here we go:

1) Match Your Gear To The Fish

– A very big mistake that many anglers make is using gear that’s entirely too large for the type of fish they intend to catch. For Example I’ve been fishing on trout streams and seen discarded fishing line that was at least 10 pound test! This should be illegal, in my opinion. The biggest fish that you’re going to catch out of a normal trout stream is 5 pounds.

And that would be a complete monster. So there is no reason fishing line over 6 lb test should ever be used. For a normal trout stream, I use 4 pound test. Your gear, including your rod, reel, line, and lures/bait should be matched to the type of fish swimming in the water that you’re fishing. If everything is matched properly, it will result in more bites, which will in turn result in more fish.

2) Have An Efficient Way To Carry Your Bait

Most anglers spend entirely too much time fumbling around with their bait. Not to mention the fact that bait containers get left all over the banks of our rivers, streams, and lakes. Employing an apparatus such as a bait bag will enable you to spend more time fishing and less time fumbling around for bait. As you know, the more time that can be spent with your line in the water, the better.

3) Pay Attention To Both The Weather & Moon

One of the simplest ways to catch more fish, is to be fishing on the days when the fish are most active. Certain phases of the moon result in the fish being more active, and thus more willing to bite. The same goes for weather. When certain things happen with the weather, fish tend to feed more. Knowing what to look for and when to fish can help you greatly in catching more fish. And paying attention to both the weather and moon costs you nothing, and pays big dividends in the amount and size of the fish you

04) Use Gang Hooks

What are gang hooks? Gang hooks are simply two small hooks tied in tandem. They are, without
question the best way to present live bait (especially worms). If you use live bait, you need to begin using gang hooks. The use of gang hooks will result in more hook ups. Remember, the more naturally the bait is presented to the fish, the better.

The tips presented above will help you catch more fish. Actually, the catching is up to you, but these tips will help you hook more fish, you’re still going to have to fight them yourself. Remember what Steven Wright said, there’s a fine line between fishing and just standing on the shore like an idiot.”Hopefully these tips will help you avoid the latter part of that quote.